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Dairy / AFO Environmental Quality Web Sites

(This list is not intended to be all inclusive. Please mail your link to the webmaster).

Animal waste management related sites (some are courtesy of Deanne Meyer, Livestock Waste Management Specialist, Department of Animal Science, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616; and the Animal Manure Management Monthly, March 2004):
USDA NRCS/US EPA Animal Feeding Operation Strategy
USDA Water Quality Information Center: Manure Management
US EPA NPDES permit guidance documents
US EPA Final Rule for CAFOs
NRCS nutrient and pest management info
NRCS agricultural waste management handbook
NRCS: Animal Feeding Operations
NRCS: Animal Waste Management
NRCS National Handbook of Conservation Practices
NRCS Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation
NRCS CNMP Technical Guidance
NRCS Economics of Conservation Buffers
National Dairy Extension/Information Website
ARS National Research Programs and Information
AwwaRF CAFO Information Center for Drinking Water Providers
National Farmstead Assessment System
Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service
Congressional Reports
California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley, CAFO Documents
Conservation Technology Information Center
Midwest Plan Service
University of Nebraska manure matters website
North Carolina manure matters
Iowa manure matters
Ohio State University
Ohio Livestock Manure and Wastewater Management Guide
Purdue University Extension CAFO Information
Environmental Considerations for Manure Application System Selection
Best Management Practices: Land Application of Animal Manure
Liquid Manure Application Methods
Managing Runoff Following Manure Application
Vegetative Filter Strips for Agriculture
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship (LPES) Curriculum
Sustainable Conservation Dairies Program
EPA Region 9: California Animal Waste Management
Dairy Issues in Kern County, California (Village News)
California Dairy Inc.
California Dairy Inc. Internet Links

Water quality related sites:
Drinking Water / How to Check Your Water Quality (from: Martha Stewart's Living)
Nitrate and the "Blue Baby Syndrome" (WSU Agrichemical and Environmental News)
EPA's Groundwater Primer on the Web
Soil Water Monitoring and Measurement Booklet
Irrigation Practices for Groundwater and Surface Water Protection Booklet
Groundwater related Internet resources