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Continuing Education

Statewide Continuing / Professional Education Opportunities

UC Davis Cooperative Extension Program in Groundwater Hydrology: your gateway to shortcourses, seminars, trainings, talks, advice, this web page - all about groundwater resources and groundwater quality in California.

UC Davis Extension: evening classes, professional education, extracurricular activities in a wide variety of fields including environmental engineering, and environmental resources.

UC Davis Outreach: Outreach and extension activities in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Water Education Foundation: California's non-profit, high-profile water education organization, publisher of Western Water magazine, the hands-on, more-than-ant-farm California groundwater model, and the "Layperson's Guide to ... (all kinds of water topics)" series.

Association of California Water Agencies: lots of the latest news on a wide variety of water topics, including new regulations, hot political water issues, etc.

Groundwater Resources Association of California: California's professional organization for groundwater engineers, groundwater consultants, and hydrogeologists. Shortcourses, seminars, conferences on a broad variety of groundwater related topics.

California Ground Water Association: California's home for the water well industry and groundwater geologists, and a state branch of the National Ground Water Association.