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The UC Groundwater Cooperative Extension Program

The program provides expertise, support,and education in groundwater hydrology to those that care about, manage, plan, and impact California's groundwater resources. Activities include presentations to industry/professional/interest groups in water resources and agriculture on a number of groundwater quality related topics; organization of seminars, workshops, and shortcourses; preparation of teaching materials; advise to citizens, citizens groups, and professionals; and publication of groundwater information for professionals and citizens in the state of California. Funding for this UC cooperative extension program is primarily provided through the State of California, but also through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The program is housed in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources at UC Davis.

Watersheds, Groundwater, and Drinking Water: A Practical Guide

The materials were developed together with the California Department of Public Health, which is spearheading California's Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection program. The 274-page book (Book Preview)offers an easy-to-read introduction to all basic topics of watershed and groundwater hydrology and to managing and protecting our water resources and drinking water. The peer-reviewed, full-color handbook is available through UC ANR publications. Regular price - only $40.

The draft booklets offered during the 2002 shortcourse series are available below as PDF files. The booklets provide an introduction to groundwater and watershed hydrology, and to the California Drinking Water Source Assessment Program

(Note: These are relatively large PDF files and may take several minutes to download. Those not available as links can be obtained as PDF files by sending an email request. Please specify the title):

Factsheets on Groundwater and Watershed Topics

A series of factsheets is being published (for free) through UC ANR publications as part of a shortcourse series on Farm Water Quality Management. The following are PDF files containing the groundwater related factsheets in that series:

"Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture - Linking Science and Policy" Online Resources (abstracts, presentations, videos)

We also offer some limited material that accompanies our shortcourses and seminars.

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