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Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources

Research Projects in the San Joaquin Valley

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Randy A. Dahlgren

  • Water quality in the Cosumnes River watershed

Teresa Fan

  • Microphyte-Mediated Se Biogeochemistry and its Role in Bioremedation of Se Ecotoxic Consequences (Kesterson) (Co-PI Rick Higashi)
  • In Situ Selenium Bioremediation Utilizing Biochemical Transformation by Assemblages of Aquatic Photoautotrophs (Kesterson) (Co-PI Rick Higashi)
  • In Situ Se volatilization and form measurements at San Joaquin Valley evaporation basins. (Co-PI Rick Higashi)
  • Historical-scale biochemical markers of oxidant injury and exposure in pines (field sites in SJ Basin (Co-PI Rick Higashi)

Robert G. Flocchini

  • Sources and sinks of PM10 in California’s San Joaquin Valley (Co-PI’s: Robert Flocchini, Randy Southard, Kate Scow)

Graham E. Fogg

  • Multi-Scale Heterogeneity of Stream-Dominated Alluvial Fan: New Perspective and Implications for Transport (DBCP - Fresno area) (LAWR Co-PI Singer)
  • New Approach for Assessing Regional Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination (DBCP - Fresno area)
  • Groundwater – Surface Water Interaction as Related to Ecosystem Processes, Cosumnes Basin

Steve R. Grattan

  • Growth, quality, and suitability of the halophyte Salicornia bigelovii as the final crop in the reuse sequence (West side)
  • Install Line-Basin Field Lysimeters

David A. Goldhamer

  • Using Buried Deep Irrigation to Reduce Disease Related Fruit Damage in Fig
  • Best Management Practices for Irrigation Management of Orchards and Vineyards
  • Regulated Deficit Irrigation for Orange under High Evaporative Demand in California
  • Best Management Practices for Irrigation Scheduling of Fruit Orchards

Blaine L. Hanson

  • Modifying Subsurface Drainage System for Regulating Drainage of Agricultural Drainage Water
  • Rapid Assessment of Field Wide Soil Salinity
  • CO-PI with Don May – Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Processing Tomato Under Saline Shallow Water Table Conditions (Westlands Water District)
  • CO-PI with Blake Sanden – Improving Pre plant Furrow Irrigation in the Lost Hills Water District

Thomas Harter

  • Occurrence and Fate of Cryptosporidium in Groundwater
  • Long-Term Risk Analysis of Irrigation and Groundwater Management Impacts on Water Quality of the Non-Shallow Aquifer Systems in the Western San Joaquin Valley
  • Groundwater Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Impact of Dairy Waste and Nutrient Management on Shallow Groundwater Quality (Co-PI’s Horwath and Meyer)
  • Long Term Nitrate Leaching Below the Root Zone (Co-PI Horwath)
  • Impact of Waste management on Chronic Exposure of Dairy Cattle to Well Water Nitrate
  • Nitrate Transport to Groundwater in a Tree Fruit Orchard

Jan W. Hopmans

  • Soil Quality Assessment in Irrigated Agriculture: Influence of Soil and Water Management on Physical Properties

William R. Horwath

  • Examining soil quality parameters in the "Biologically Integrated Farming Project" Gamani Jayaweera
  • Redox Status and Degration Kinetics of Representative Triazine Urea Herbicides in Soil-Water Systems (San Joaquin Valley)

Miguel A. Marino

  • Conjunctive Management of Water Resources in Los Banos-Kettleman City Area to Control Land Subsidence

Roland D. Meyer

  • CO-PI with T. Harter and W. Horwath, Impact of dairy waste management on groundwater quality
  • CO-PI with T. Harter, Use of dairy lagoon water in production of forage crops

Stuart Pettygrove

  • Site Specific Farming Information Systems in a Sacramento Valley Rotation and a San Joaquin Valley Cotton Rotation
  • Residual effects of biosolids, manure, yard trimmings, and composted gin trash in a cotton rotation, Shafter Field Station
  • Several extension talks per year in the SJV aimed at Certified Crop Adviser continuing education

Terry L. Prichard

  • Management of Zinfandel to Modify Vine and Wine Characteristics (Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission)
  • Management of Merlot to Modify Vine and Wine Characteristics (Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission)
  • Walnut Reduced Risk Management Program

James H. Richards

  • Flooding, competition, and nutrient relationships of valley oak riparian forest species, Cosumnes River Preserve

Dennis E. Rolston

  • Engineering emerging urban systems: Competing land uses, and the effects on built and natural environments (SJV), NSF grant, cooperating with engineering faculty (LAWR Co-PI’s Rolston, Scow, Fogg)

Richard L. Snyder

  • Improved Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficient information for California Water Resource Planning
  • Predicting Reference Evapotranspiration
  • Measurement of ET from the tule plantations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
  • Several Frost Protection projects in Tulare County
  • Pistachio Disease Control, Tulare County
  • Almond Disease Control, Kern County
  • Development of new crop coefficients and computer programs to help farmers in the San Joaquin Valley with irrigation scheduling.

Randy J. Southard

  • Bulk and rhizosphere pH indicators of soil quality: A comparison of agriculturally-acidified and naturally-occurring acid SJV soils
  • Pulmonary fibrosis and silica exposure (human lung specimens from the Fresno area)
  • Chemistry, mineralogy, and amelioration of agriculturally induced acidity in SJV (Co-PI Bob Zasoski)
  • Integrated evaluations of minimum disturbance production systems in California's San Joaquin Valley, West Side Field Station
  • Near-source exposure to crystalline silica and fine mineral fibers in California (Includes field sites in SJV)

Kenneth K. Tanji

  • Application of TEAPS for the Evaluation of Selenium Redox Chemistry in the TLDD Wetland Systems
  • Removal of Selenium from Drainage Water Before Discharge into Evaporation Basins
  • DOC Production from Cultivated Organic Soils on Twitchell Island, Sacrament-San Joaquin Delta

Wesley W. Wallender

  • Water and Land Management in Irrigated Ecosystems (Center of Excellence for Climate, Environment and Water Resources Assessment of California) (Firebaugh area) (LAWR Co-PI’s - Harter, Hopmans, Tanji, Hsiao, Fogg)
  • Economic Analysis of Water and Land Management Options Using and Integrated Hydrologic Models (West side)
  • Water and Land Management in Irrigated Ecosystems (West side)
  • Drainage and Regional Groundwater